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What are Water Walkers?

Water Walkers are currently the latest craze in aquatic entertainment. This amazing Water Walking Ball allows you to literally float on water! Once on the water you can also try your hand at running, jumping, balancing, and rolling etc. Whilst inside the water ball you will remain completely dry!

How do they work ?

Water Walkers have a single layer of plastic "skin" with a water-tight/air-tight zip along one side. You enter the ball through the air-tight zipper which then gets inflated with fresh air and closed behind you. Once inside and the ball has been filled with air you enter the water and start to enjoy the experience.

Normal ride duration at events is approximately 4 minutes. Once the time is up you are retrieved by our supervisor and you simply climb out!

Water Walkers are great for:

  • Balance
  • Exercise
  • Or just having plain old FUN

Inside you can:

  • Run
  • Roll
  • Balance
  • Or just RELAX!
  • YouTube Video

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